Summer Learning with Ruth Rumack


With the kids out of school, topics of conversation have moved to keeping their minds occupied during the summer holidays. Many people enroll their children in a reading program at their local library to keep the kids’ minds working and learning, or work at home with workbooks and computer programs much like homeschoolers do during […]

Canadian Tire asks – #WannaPlay ?

WannaPlay Canadian Tire header

Growing up in a small town, I would often head out the door in the morning to play in the bay with my friends or head to the park.  I remember calling back over my shoulder “See ya later, Mom!” as I was running down the driveway.  My husband recalls leaving the house early morning […]

fun. fitness. friends. ivivva


Fun. Fitness. Friends. All these things are important to our girls and to us. Emily could spend her days running, practicing her flips and teaching herself all kinds of dance and gymnastics routines while Julia could spend a day at the pool, or taking time out of her day to enjoy some stretching and yoga. […]

Spend a day with the family at Mennonite Heritage Village


On Canada Day our family took a stroll back in time to a simpler time that showed the values of family, tradition, and great food. We spent the day at the Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach, Manitoba. When you first walk onto the museum grounds it is just like walking back in time. The architecture […]

Thumbprint Salt Dough Magnets


Salt dough projects are so fun and easy to make. Today I am going to share how to make these adorable thumbprint salt dough magnets. They make a truly unique gift with that personal touch. If you do not have enough time to make the salt dough handprint, these thumbprint salt dough magnets take half […]

10 Easy DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

10 Easy DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Here where we live, there are still 6 week of school left.  I think it is very important that we make sure to thank the men and women who teach our children every day and make them feel appreciated.  They are the ones that see our kids for at minimum 6 hours a day and […]

How to make a Fairy Garden affordably


What little girl, or big girl, wouldn’t love their very own magical fairy garden? When I got the idea to make a fairy garden for my daughters upcoming 7th birthday, I gasped when I realized how costly they could be. I wanted to make a fairy garden on a budget. With a little bit of […]

Birds, Birds, Birds! DIY Bird Projects

DIY Bird Projects

With the return of spring to South-eastern Manitoba, the birds have returned to our yards and our parks.  In fact, they are already singing their songs at 4am!  So what better time to put together a round-up of some great DIY Bird Projects.  We have some great suggestions for bird feeders, bird houses and bird […]

Golfing with kids is more than a game

golfing with kids

Golfing with kids is more than a game. As many readers know…I love my girls and I love spending time with them.  Many readers also know that I love to be outside.  And while it is not always easy to combine these loves, I had a chance last weekend at Grand Pines Golf Course, and […]

Graduation Gift and Party Ideas

Graduation Gift and Party Ideas

As the school year comes to an end, many students are preparing to graduate from either high school or post-secondary education.  Here are some great Graduation Gift and Party Ideas for any graduate. Of course a party isn’t complete without a cake!  Make a graduation cap cake even to use as a centerpiece for the […]