Preparing a Halloween perfect for the littlest guests. #HalloweenHaul2015 #ThriftorTreat

It is that time of year again were many people go into their storage rooms and start to pull out their ghosts, witches and other Halloween Decor.  As parents of young children, we enjoy going door-to-door to see how people have truly gotten into the spirit and dressed up their homes to welcome children arriving […]

October is Children’s Vision Month — enter these great contests!

As any parents, we know our children best. From favorite foods to best friends, we like to have a handle on everything that goes on in our children’s lives, which includes their health. While indicators like fevers or a rash are easy to spot, vision problems are much harder to identify and can take a […]

The Hype is real – Cavalia’s Odysseo is a must see.

It is not often that I will leave a performance or a play and have very little to say, but Cavalia’s Odysseo did that tonight.  The performance was one the best I have seen.   > > > Enter to win a pair of tickets < < < For my local friends, you may have noticed the […]

Kid-O-Bunk ~ 3 in 1 mobile sleep solution for kids on the go!

Whether it be camping, sleepovers, or sister slumber party nights, everyone needs a place to sleep and being able to sleep comfortably is always a bonus.  The Kid-O-Bunk is a genius solution for any home [or tent 😉 ]. The Kid-O-Bunk is a simple cot design that is a 3 in 1 mobile sleep solution. Where fun meets […]

4 Tips To Make Busy Nights More Efficient

Life is busy. I’m not going to lie. I’m also not going to say that I dislike it. The things that make my life busy are spending time with my family and enjoying life with them as much as possible. With the kids’ fall activities starting up again, we know that there will be evenings […]

Treatment advice to deal with minor ailments you or your family face

Seasonal allergies are can be very unpleasant to say the least and they can present with many symptoms which may include: sneezing wheezing nasal congestion coughing itchy, watery eyes runny nose itchy throat stomach ache itchy skin hives fatigue irritability Some people rely on “Dr. Google” for answers when they are suffering with minor ailments such as […]

Donate4Good with Glad!

It is August, which means that summer is 1/2 over (sorry folks!)  In 1 month the kids will be back in school here and that means that there is still lots to get done around the house.  I use this time during the pre-back-to-school season to go through my closets to see what we can get […]

Summer Learning with Ruth Rumack

With the kids out of school, topics of conversation have moved to keeping their minds occupied during the summer holidays. Many people enroll their children in a reading program at their local library to keep the kids’ minds working and learning, or work at home with workbooks and computer programs much like homeschoolers do during […]

Canadian Tire asks – #WannaPlay ?

Growing up in a small town, I would often head out the door in the morning to play in the bay with my friends or head to the park.  I remember calling back over my shoulder “See ya later, Mom!” as I was running down the driveway.  My husband recalls leaving the house early morning […]

fun. fitness. friends. ivivva

Fun. Fitness. Friends. All these things are important to our girls and to us. Emily could spend her days running, practicing her flips and teaching herself all kinds of dance and gymnastics routines while Julia could spend a day at the pool, or taking time out of her day to enjoy some stretching and yoga. […]