Tax Tips for Life’s Major Milestones

Tax Tips

Whether you tied the knot, bought your first home or had a baby in 2013, life changes also alter your finances. These joyous milestones often trigger valuable tax credits and deductions. Cleo Hamel, senior tax analyst with H&R Block Canada, provides the following breakdown on how your tax return may be impacted. Starting your career: […]

4 Things to do with your little one in Spring! #MomTrust

4 Things

Ahhhh, Spring. The season that we all seem to look forward to the most.  Warmer weather, birds chirping, and finally being able to spend hours outdoors.  For us, spring means soccer, baseball and family walks for ice cream.  But what can you do outside in spring with your little one? I remember being a first […]

Easter and Other Fun & Unique Holidays in April

April Fun and Unique Holidays

Easter is generally the biggest holiday associated with April (unless it is early and falls in March). We have many fantastic Easter and spring-themed cakes and crafts on our blog.  Try this Easter Playdough recipe and Easter Wreath for craft time around your kitchen table: Or try this delicious Bunny Bait Popcorn Recipe for snack […]

Movie Night! Frozen & Delivery Man


Family time and marriage time are important. We have found that having a movie night is a great way to combine a bit of both. We watch a movie with the family, then put the kids to bed and then hubby and I settle in for a movie and some cuddles. On this movie night […]

The Journey Between Breast and Bottle #MomTrust

Breast and Bottle Playtex

Written by Angela Both of my  kids started out as breastfed babies.  My husband and I decided that that was the way we wanted to raise our children.  We  never decided how long they would be breastfed, but we knew we wanted to start there. While I had some small trials at the beginning with […]

A family trip to Hecla Island in Winter


Recently my family stayed at the Lakeview Hecla resort. My husband Trevor spent many summers at Hecla Provincial Park during the summer months.   He tells me many stories of him taking in rounds of golf with his dad and exploring the picturesque village of Hecla Island. Although he has visited the island numerous times, it was […]

Lakeview Hecla Resort, an affordable family destination


On our way home from our family vacation I had the radio on. I heard that it is the 2nd coldest winter in Manitoba history.  One would think that with our brutally cold winter a family vacation would involve a plane and a warm sunny destination. Although cold, we had a sunny destination, we did not […]

We Share Our Messiest Moment — What’s Yours?

Messiest moment

From day #1, babies are messy. From diaper changes, to trying their fist table foods, to devouring their first birthday cake, kids are always getting dirty.  Even now that my kids are seven and five, I keep a package of wipes in the van to combat messy hands and faces that are bound to happen. […]

March ~ National Craft Month & Other Fun Holidays

Fun and Unique Holidays in March

March is National Craft Month! We have many great crafts on Mommy Moment that are simple and easy to do for those of you who are craft-challenged like me Check out the many DIY Projects and Crafts on Mommy Moment or our Everything DIY Board on Pinterest for great ideas! Fun and Unique March Holidays […]

Adding a bathroom to an old house


I love my home. It is a small heritage home that was built around 1925. We purchased it from my grandparents before they passed away. Our home has a lot of character. Renovations often involve a lot of creativity, especially when it comes to adding a bathroom to an old house. Partnering with Home Depot […]