Healthy eating, essential oils and pictures of my disease – Hidradenitis suppurativa


Many of you know that our family has been on a health journey this year. I already shared that I have lost 65 pounds and my husband Trevor has lost 35 pounds. The one thing I have not shared yet is my ugly diagnosis of Hidradenitis suppurativa. Hidradenitis suppurativa is an autoimmune disease – one […]

10 Rainy Day Activities

10 Rainy Day Activities

This summer has started off very rainy and wet for us here in Manitoba.  In fact, we have been having 4 days of rain before we even see a glimpse of sunshine.  Quite discouraging and if you have kids, it is SUPER hard to keep them occupied and happy.  So, as a mom, I am […]

Lavender Essential Oil Printable

lavender oil printable

Lavender Essential Oil has quickly become one of our favorite essential oils to use at home. I am excited to share this Lavender Essential Oil Printable with you all today. Our 8 year old daughter had a lot of trouble falling asleep every night, often taking 2-3 hours before she would finally fall asleep. We […]

2014 Natural Solutions Health Summit (Free Tickets valued at $99.00)

Natural Health Summit Schedule

Are you ready to experience the BEST cutting-edge, natural, safe and effective, alternatives to conventional medicine to create vibrant health right in your own home? I am excited to be able to offer access to the 2014 Natural Solutions Health Summit just for Mommy Moment Readers. Many of you have been following the health journey that […]

Make Time For Simple Pleasures

simple pleasures

Simple pleasures – those words have brought new meaning to my life in the past 6 months. It’s been almost 6 months since my family made the decision to live a healthy lifestyle. Want to know how we are doing with the changes? Keep reading… When our family started this health journey our focus was […]

Reading Road Trip – with The Sandals Foundation


Reading Road Trip – with The Sandals Foundation (and Island Routes) I recently wrote about a trip I made to Turks to Caicos Beaches Resort for the grand opening of the Kew West Luxury Village. While I was there with my 5 year old daughter, we had an amazing opportunity as guests of the resort […]

Get Up Close Manitoba and Experience The Red River EX as a Family


In Manitoba we have numerous events, festivities and attractions that bring our province together, the Red River Ex is the grand daddy of them all.  For as long as I have remembered there has always been an aura around the Red River Ex.  It was signal to the start of summer.  It was a place you […]

Burnbrae Farms, A Canadian Family Egg Business


Earlier this week I traveled to eastern Ontario to visit Burnbrae Farms, A Canadian family egg business. A group of 12 bloggers from across Canada was invited to visit the family run farm. Most of the bloggers met up in Toronto and hopped on a party bus to make the drive to the farm. I […]

Too Many People Spend Money They Don’t Have [Money Quotes]


It’s a reality that people like to spend money. The problem begins when people start to spend money they do not have. Money is a hot topic these days and it’s no surprise. One of my favorite quotes is this… “Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to […]

What does it take to make it 13 years (and hopefully longer)

wedding picture

13 years. 2001 was a very cool year for me.  itunes was born and the ipod was released, and Gladiator won best picture at the academy awards.  The other cool thing that happened was I married my best friend.  After dating for 1 1/2 years, my girlfriend became my wife.   In a traditional ceremony […]