Healthy Blueberry Parfait recipe for lasting energy


With the rush in the mornings, it can often be difficult to prepare a healthy, nutritious breakfast. This healthy blueberry parfait is easy to make in a hurry and it tastes delicious. This blueberry parfait uses Nature’s Path Qi’a,  a versatile and convenient superfood for lasting energy. I choose to use my own homemade yogurt to […]

Breakfast Banana Split


Breakfast Banana Split – oh Yum!! Breakfast is such an important meal, yet often we get tired of the same thing day after day. This breakfast banana split tastes delicious and it’s pretty fun to eat for breakfast, my whole family loves this breakfast treat! If you are looking for a delicious, healthy breakfast, this […]

2 ingredient grilled pork chops


As we get into BBQ season we tend to get excited about all the various options about how to cook certain cuts of meat.  Walk down any grocery store or read and self proclaimed BBQ “expert” and they will have all the insight about what rubs, sauces and mops to use to season your pork […]

Blueberry Mint Tea


Blueberries are in season and I couldn’t be happier. This beautiful blueberry mint tea only uses a few natural, pure ingredients making it a truly delightful afternoon treat. (It would be perfect to have with this sprouted grain blueberry banana bread – oh yum). I love to sit on my front porch, hearing the birds […]

Piña Colada Smoothie Whip (Giveaway)


Summer is upon us and many people are looking for ways to beat the heat. For some of us, that includes an ice cold smoothie to help us cool down. Using Silk Almond Coconut Blend you too can have this great summer Piña Colada Smoothie Whip in a hurry! My secret to creating the best […]

Sand Castle Cake

Sand Castle Cake

Summer is finally here! We are so excited for picnics, camping and days at the beach. My daughters last day of school for the summer was last Wednesday and to celebrate I made a sand castle cake. A sand castle cake is really fun to make. You can, of course, make any shape that you […]

Camp Stove Salmon [Gourmet Grillware #Giveaway $220 value]


Camp Stove Salmon – a delicious recipe for camping. Camp Fire recipes are always fun to plan, but fish is not usually a part of the planning. This camp stove salmon recipe will show you how easy it is to make. The gourmet grillware can go right from the cooler onto the fire making it […]

10 Easy Salad Recipes for Summer!

10 Easy Salad Recipes for Summer

With summer officially here, we (along with neighbors and friends) are barbecuing more.  We are often invited to bbq potlucks on weekends that require us to bring a salad to go along with the main course.  Often times I am looking for a new easy salad recipe to try and love to bounce back and […]

Veggie Dip Shooters


Veggie Dip Shooters are the perfect way to bring veggies and dip to potlucks and parties. The dip is right in the shooter glass with the veggies so it is a quick grab-and-go type snack. No more waiting in long line-ups for people to scoop up the dip and pick the veggies to put on […]

Canadian Barbecue Nachos


Canadians and barbecues just go together, so these Canadian Barbecue Nachos are sure to please this Canada Day or any day. This recipe is a new take on an old favorite, nachos. Making these Canadian Nachos in a cast iron pan, ensures even cooking and great taste.  As for cooking on the BBQ, this makes it […]