Homemade Bacon


Homemade bacon – this post features a recipe, but more importantly, it is about tradition, family tradition passed down through generations. As some of you know, my wife  Jody and I purchased her grandparents old home.  We very much enjoyed spending time with her grandparents in their later years, listening to their stories of life.  I enjoyed […]

Beet and Peach Homemade BBQ Sauce (Tomato Free)


This beet and peach homemade bbq sauce is great for those with food allergies or people who need to omit nightshades from their diet. Don’t let the lack of tomatoes keep you from trying this tasty recipe creation. ~ recipe and post written by Trevor. As many of you know, Jody and I have made […]

Dilly Sweet Potato Salad


Potatoes have always been a family favorite, but this Dilly Sweet Potato Salad made with sweet potatoes, yams and homemade mayo brings a regular potato salad to a whole new level of awesome! My family loves regular potato salad, but they love this sweet potato variety even more! For this Dilly Sweet Potato Salad recipe you will […]

Stamped Flower Cake

Stamped Flower Cake

I used to make my own cards all the time. My sister had a card club that was held once a month and we would spend our time creating beautiful handmade cards. We used stamps a lot and I slowly acquired more and more of them. After a while she moved away and I stopped […]

Are you the face of Food Hacking? #IAmFoodHacks

Kraft Food Hacks

As a mom to 2 young children, it is important to me to put not only great-tasting food that they will eat on their plates, but also healthy and nutritious food too. But between school, homework and after-school sports, we all know that these important guidelines can sometimes (if not more often than not) fall […]

Cheesy Mushroom Melt Sandwich


Did I say a Cheesy Mushroom Melt Sandwich? I sure did. Sprouted grain bread smothered with Glengarry big brother cheese, sautéed mushrooms and onions makes quite the sandwich! My husband loves creating unique grilled cheese sandwiches! Did you see his Granny Smith Grilled Cheese? Yum! This Cheesy mushroom melt sandwich was a hit with hubby and the […]

Healthy Blueberry Parfait recipe for lasting energy


With the rush in the mornings, it can often be difficult to prepare a healthy, nutritious breakfast. This healthy blueberry parfait is easy to make in a hurry and it tastes delicious. This blueberry parfait uses Nature’s Path Qi’a,  a versatile and convenient superfood for lasting energy. I choose to use my own homemade yogurt to […]

Breakfast Banana Split


Breakfast Banana Split – oh Yum!! Breakfast is such an important meal, yet often we get tired of the same thing day after day. This breakfast banana split tastes delicious and it’s pretty fun to eat for breakfast, my whole family loves this breakfast treat! If you are looking for a delicious, healthy breakfast, this […]

2 ingredient grilled pork chops


As we get into BBQ season we tend to get excited about all the various options about how to cook certain cuts of meat.  Walk down any grocery store or read and self proclaimed BBQ “expert” and they will have all the insight about what rubs, sauces and mops to use to season your pork […]

Blueberry Mint Tea


Blueberries are in season and I couldn’t be happier. This beautiful blueberry mint tea only uses a few natural, pure ingredients making it a truly delightful afternoon treat. (It would be perfect to have with this sprouted grain blueberry banana bread – oh yum). I love to sit on my front porch, hearing the birds […]