Easter Bunny Cake Surprise


  Easter Bunny Cake Surprise I have many great memories of Easter as a kid. My favorite was when my mom would go hide our Easter chocolates outside. I loved searching behind trees and in the bushes, jumping between puddles trying to be the first one to find their little treasure. I have wanted to have […]

Cheetah Cake

Cheetah Cake Finished

Cheetah prints are so fun! I’ve been wanting to make one for awhile now but there are so many ideas to choose from. One would think that it would be easier to decorate a cake when the sky is the limit, but that’s just the thing — the sky is very big! It doesn’t help […]

Naked Cake


It’s A Naked Cake! One of the newest trends in cake decorating is the naked cake. The simplicity of seeing the layers of cake with layers of filling can be quite pretty and stunning. How perfect would it not be as a valentine’s dessert. Make your favorite cake recipe and fill with whatever you like. For this naked cake I […]

Volkswagen Hippie Cake


Volkswagen Hippie Cake When I go to work on Fridays, I usually have no idea what kind of cakes I get to make that day. Some are more intimidating than others and some are just plain fun. The Volkswagen Hippie cake was in the fun category! Who doesn’t love throwing on random hearts and flowers […]

Christmas Cake ~ Merry Christmas from #CakesbyErna

A christmas cake

Some of my favorite memories of being a kid during Christmas was to sit by the Christmas tree and to look up at the twinkling lights. Me and my siblings would sit there endlessly dreaming about what was under the tree. Nothing sends the warm, cozy feeling of yuletide quite like a crackling fire by […]

Movember Mustache Cake

Movember Mustache Cake

It’s Movember …….. so grow a mustache and eat some cake while you’re at it! Movember is a great cause to bring awareness and raise funds for men’s health.  Men all around the world are growing stubbly mustaches to show their support. Since I can’t grow one, I thought it would be fun to make a cake […]


LEGO Cake 1

My youngest turned three! Now for a few months, I can say that my kids are 3,4 and 5. I always find it fun to see a flicker of “Are you crazy?” cross peoples eyes when I tell them that. We had such a fun day celebrating his special day. We went out for lunch […]

Flowers and Lace Cake

Flowers and Lace

Flowers and Lace Cake Wedding cakes are a beautiful center piece at most weddings. I love the wedding cakes I get to make when I work Friday’s at P.S. Cake Designs. This flowers and lace cake is a a simple, yet beautiful cake.  This cake is simple with some lace wrapped around and then topped with […]

Pretty Pleat Cake

Pretty Pleat Cake

Pleat Cake I had a lot of fun with this month’s pretty pleat cake. The soft and pretty ones are always my favorite. I don’t know why I don’t make them more often. I love the texture that the pleats give while still keeping it simple. Make sure to check out our CAKE board on Pinterest. You can see more […]

Burger Cake

burger cake

Burger Cake   What says summer more than barbecued hamburgers? So I thought it would be fun to replicate a hamburger in cake form. Of course as I was making it, I thought that it really needed a side of fries as well. So I quickly whipped up a small batch of sugar cookies cut […]