Creamy Cashew Peppermint Hot Chocolate


Creamy Cashew, it just sounds delicious. As a person who does not drink milk I am always taste testing dairy alternatives. I wanted to make a peppermint hot chocolate recipe and I wanted it to be super creamy, so I decided to put the Silk Creamy Cashew to the test. For this recipe you will […]

The Healthy Shopper Fall 2014 Picks #Giveaway {CAN}

The Healthy Shopper Fall 2014

The Healthy Shopper is back with their picks for Fall and my family was super excited to try out some of these delicious looking items!  If you are not familiar with The Healthy Shopper, they are great organic and eco-products handpicked by co-founders Randy Boyer and Andrea Donsky.  These two are on a mission to make healthy […]

Sprouted Beef and Cheese Sandwich {Just Mayo #Giveaway}

Sprouted Beef and Cheese Sandwich

Just Mayo from Hampton Creek is a healthier, more affordable mayo option for those who are looking to make better choices for themselves.  Just Mayo comes in some great tasting flavors like Sriracha, Garlic and Original.  This Sprouted Beef and Cheese Sandwich created by my husband Craig for our lunch yesterday, used the garlic flavored mayo and was delicious! […]

Back-To-School giveaway and chance to win a Family Trip to Costa Rica with EnviroKidz! #EnviroTripz

Envirokidz Natures Path

It’s back to school time and with that comes all sorts of new challenges and routines.  One of these routines, that is often accompanied by stress and uncertainty, is lunches.  As many of you have noticed, we have embraced a new lifestyle as of late and this has been met with a variety of challenges […]

G H Cretors Gourmet Popcorn for Healthy Snacking

G H Cretors Popcorn

People are looking for healthier ways to snack, and with G.H. Cretors Popped Corn, you are getting delicious popped corn that is made with all natural products, is Kosher and made with no GMO’s. G. H. Cretors began in 1885 and 5 generations later, they are still making delicious popped corn that is sure to […]

Healthy Frozen Mocha


June 20th is Ice Cream Soda/Milkshake day, and since my husband celebrated his birthday this week I decided to create a healthy frozen mocha just for him. This delicious healthy version of an ice cream drink contains no ice cream (gasp), but it tastes like a frozen mocha and the bonus is that it is actually a much healthier […]

Good Energy on the Go with Starbucks Refreshers

Starbucks Refreshers Good Energy

June means warmer weather; afternoons sitting on the deck, luxuriously sipping an iced beverage while I read a book and think about my week….. wait, what?!?! That doesn’t sound like my June afternoons.  That is because June is the busiest month for my family.  Some say December is their busiest month, but June ranks way […]

Danone Launches 1st Greek Yogurt for Kids – Danino Greek! #Giveaway {CAN}

Danino Greek Yogurt

We love dairy products at our house — especially yogurt — so when I had the opportunity to try out the new Greek yogurt for kids from Danone, I jumped at the chance! Danino Greek contains two times the protein as regular stirred yogurt, but what makes this product special is the flavors. Danone enlisted […]

Keep Calm ~ Coffee is On! with SingleJo Coffee #MomsWisdom

Fuel Your mom

Every morning when I log onto social media (whether it is my Twitter account, Facebook account or Instagram account) I am greeted by one word more often than others. That word is “Coffee”. It seems like moms around the world, gravitate to this delicious beverage.  Whether it is a beverage to have with our morning […]

The Healthy Shopper Picks for Spring 2014 #Giveaway {CAN}

The Healthy Shopper Picks for 2014

The Healthy Shopper is back with their picks for Spring 2014! Their top picks include organic barbeque sauces, organic oils, natural and organic peanut butter spreads, rich and creamy organic cream cheese and yogurt. Their first choice is Maison Orphée’s tasty unrefined organic virgin sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil. These […]