Who wore it better? #Movember #TeamThomas

Happy Movember everyone. It’s Trevor here (Jody’s husband) to give you a little update on my Movember journey. Many of you have been watching Movembers grow and grow this month. While there are many debates about how good some of the stashes are looking, the main point to remember is why we are growing these […]

If Thomas the Tank Engine Can Grow a Mo, I can too #Movember #Giveaway

  *Post written by my husband, Trevor. The man who has never grown a mustache because it’s not in his blood, but is willing to try for a good cause. Cheers to him and Team Thomas this Movember.    Attention ladies….the month of November is one to celebrate a time of year when your men will look considerably better. […]

Treatment advice to deal with minor ailments you or your family face

Seasonal allergies are can be very unpleasant to say the least and they can present with many symptoms which may include: sneezing wheezing nasal congestion coughing itchy, watery eyes runny nose itchy throat stomach ache itchy skin hives fatigue irritability Some people rely on “Dr. Google” for answers when they are suffering with minor ailments such as […]

3 drop Essential Oil Diffuser Blends to try

There is always an essential oil diffuser running in our home in one room or another. doTerra Essential oils are powerful and pure, and a little really does go a long way. I love diffusing essential oils for the healthful properties, but also for the smell. I have never been able to handle the smell […]

DIY Bath Salts

I love making homemade gifts, You loved the DIY Body Butter and Salt Scrub, so I just had to share this easy recipe for DIY Bath Salts that is sure to make the perfect gift for that special someone. This recipe is so easy to make, in fact my 9 & 6 year old daughters […]

Citrus Mint Salt Scrub

There is nothing worse than dry skin this time of year, I love soaking in a hot bath with essential oil bath salts. I also love using a homemade salt scrub along with a body butter a few times a week to help soften up my hands. This Citrus Mint Scrub is quick and easy […]

So, how does someone change their lifestyle anyway?

One question I get asked over and over these days is “How did you even start such a drastic lifestyle change?” People feel like it is impossible, and I completely get it – if anyone would have told me a year ago that I would be a paleo eating, oil using woman set out to […]

Lavender Essential Oil Printable

Lavender Essential Oil has quickly become one of our favorite essential oils to use at home. I am excited to share this Lavender Essential Oil Printable with you all today. Our 8 year old daughter had a lot of trouble falling asleep every night, often taking 2-3 hours before she would finally fall asleep. We […]

2014 Natural Solutions Health Summit (Free Tickets valued at $99.00)

Are you ready to experience the BEST cutting-edge, natural, safe and effective, alternatives to conventional medicine to create vibrant health right in your own home? I am excited to be able to offer access to the 2014 Natural Solutions Health Summit just for Mommy Moment Readers. Many of you have been following the health journey that […]

Guys, have you had the Diamond Clean experience?

For most guys getting up in the morning and getting ready for the day is not a big deal.  We shower, shave, put on pit stick and brush our teeth.  Its pretty simple being a guy…but I have tried something new that have changed my routine.  It is not often that brushing your teeth becomes […]