Cozy Plaid and Polar Bear decor for the holidays #ShopForHope #giveaway

Christmas is my favorite time of year, I love all the decor for the holidays. I decorate my home both inside and out. This year I wanted to add a touch of cheer to our little sunroom where my daughter loves to practice her violin. When I saw that the Canadian Women’s Foundation launched its Shop for Hope […]

A NEW Strong Man is Taking Over Canadian Grocery Shelves! NEW SpongeTowels Ultra Strong #Giveaway {CAN}

Spring is here in south-eastern Manitoba, and with it comes dirty roads, vehicles and sidewalks. The kids come home from school wet from the half-snow/half-water that is their playground and trek all sorts of grime into your home. SpongeTowels Ultra Strong is here to help you with your tough cleaning problems!   The *NEW* SpongeTowels Ultra […]

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Today as I type this, it is a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the snow is melting and the temperature is balmy +2!  As the weather turns warmer, my thoughts turn to cleaning this home and bringing some of the beautiful-ness of outside, inside.  If you are looking for spring cleaning tips and tricks, […]

Jabra Move Wireless headphones #giveaway

Today we have a new movement towards everything wireless.  We have wifi internet, we have wireless mouses and keyboards and now the next logical set would be wireless headphones.  And with a name like Jabra, we know it will be good! To start with we are looking at Bluetooth 4.0 technology in the Jabra Move […]

Taking The Stress Out Of Winter Driving

This morning I went outside to start our van….and it was not fun.  This might be because we do not have a garage, and we live in Manitoba.  Contrary to popular believe Manitoba only has 2 long seasons….construction season and winter….and we are known more for the latter.  So how can a mom be ready […]

Five ways to fill your home with fall scents

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the cool, crisp air, the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet when I walk, and the fall scents that only comes with the autumn season. I love the aroma that fall brings with it and today I will share with you five ways to fill your home […]

Dyson Cinetic DC78 Turbinehead. No filters to replace. No bags. No loss of suction.

Every week we drag out the good old vacuum and do our weekly duty.  Its big, its bulky, its heavy, it needs a new filter….like every time I use it, and I have found that the longer I use it…the more it decides to not work like it used to.  If only there was a […]

The Dyson Cool Fan is cool, really, really cool!

It is not that often we see a product that has revolutionized an industry.  In the way the wheel has reinvented travel, Dyson re-invented the fan in a remarkable way with the Dyson Cool Fan.  When you first look at the Dyson Cool Fan the first thing you obviously notice is no visible blades.  Yes no blades!!!  […]

Keurig Rivo [Italian experience at your home coffee bar]

We are a coffee family.  We have always loved a good cup of joe in the morning or having numerous coffee choices for our guests. I wanted to be able to offer even more selections than just a regular cup of coffee, I wanted to be able to offer up a cappuccino or a latte […]

Custom Camera Straps #CanonCanada #PhatStraps #Giveaway

I have been having a lot of fun learning to take photos with my Canon camera. Ever since I got it though, I wanted to get one or two camera straps that would be comfortable, fun and functional. The PhatStraps are perfect. I chose to get the PhatStraps – That’s It Dot Red Minky for myself. I […]