Dear Summer…

It’s not just me, so many people (especially in Manitoba) are ready to say goodbye to winter. Dear Summer, please come for a visit. I miss the sunshine. I need the sunshine. Anyone else want to welcome Summer to come for a visit? (A LONG visit)

Dream Quote

Today I have a dream quote to share. I love looking back at wonderful memories and I love dreaming about the future. Dream Quote This is such a great dream quote that I felt paired well with this beautiful photo I took while I was soaking in the sunshine in Cancun earlier this year. Do […]

Happiness Quote

Happiness Happy Sunday! I dedicate this happiness quote to all the women out there. Take time for yourself and do NOT feel guilty! Time you enjoy wasting, no matter what you are doing, is not time wasted! Like this quote, feel free to share it! Check out some other favorite quotes too!

Quote ~ Cracked & Beautiful

Don’t waste time looking at the things that you don’t like about yourself. There are too many beautiful things you should be focusing on! Happy Sunday! Like this quote, feel free to share it! Check out some other favorite quotes too!

Quote ~ Nothing Is Impossible!

I love sharing some favorite quotes with you every Sunday! This photo worked perfectly with this quote…I think every child thinks they can climb up a slide, and sure enough…as they grow, they make the impossible, possible! Happy Sunday! Like this quote, feel free to share it! Check out some other favorite quotes too!

Quotes for You and Me ~ Sisters

  I think it is a blessing that my daughters are so close. They are almost 3 years apart in age and as opposite as you can get in personality, yet so close that they end up in the same bed, hand-in-hand every night when they fall asleep. I pray they keep this strong bond […]

Quotes for You and Me ~ Worry

I love looking at the clouds. I took this photo of the sky the other day when I was taking some time to reflect. I worry too much and I am pretty confident I’m not the only one who does. Each Sunday I put up a quote that I enjoy or think my readers would […]

Quotes for You and Me ~ Face The Sun

Life is busy and often times stressful and overwhelming. I like this quote and thought it was the perfect one to go along with this photo I took at the cabin. I love how the sun is shining through the trees, a beautiful photo taken with my iPhone and no edits made to the image […]

Quotes for You and Me ~ Life

This past week we spent 5 blissful days at the cabin. There was no TV, no INTERNET, no DISTRACTIONS. We loved our family time and enjoyed the beautiful, peaceful time away. I loved the many trails… This “Life” quote by John Lennon was the perfect one to go with this photo I took, hope you […]

Quotes for You and Me ~ Fast-Acting Relief

Each Sunday I share a quote or bible verse that I want to focus on or remember in the coming week. With us living through a renovation and being crazy busy with obligations, this quote really hit me. Photo was taken by me on a little family weekend getaway…such a beautiful hotel. Do you have […]