Reebok CrossfitNano 4.0 #Giveaway


On our new healthy journey, our lives and bodies have made tremendous changes.  And with that there are many changes in clothing as well.  Not that I am a fitness freak or a gym rat, but when I needed shoes, the Reebok CrossFItNano 4.0 was what I was looking for. When Purolator showed up at […]

Back to school with TOMS #giveaway


It is that time of year again.  There is a chill in the air and the leaves are getting ready to change.  And yes the big yellow school busses are getting ready to pick up the kids at the end of the driveways as they embrace a new year dedicated to education.  And while children […]

Loving my mom shoes {Nylite canvas shoe by Tretorn #Giveaway}


I think it’s safe to say that many women loves shoes – lots of shoes. I have everything from running shoes, to boots and everything in between, yet when it came time to volunteer at my daughter’s school I had no idea what to wear. I wanted to have comfortable, functional footwear that still had […]

Tips for helping girls get ready for school independently

tips for girls

My daughter Kate just turned eight. Something new this school year is that Kate is wanting to be more independent in many areas. One area I have really noticed her wanting independence is when it comes to choosing her outfits for school and wanting to style her own hair. Instead of letting this become a […]

Tram Boots are the Perfect Footwear Choice for Canadian Seasons! #Giveaway {CAN}

Tram 1

Manitoba falls, winters and springs can be harsh. With extreme temperatures, wet and mucky weather, it is no wonder our little ones come home from school with wet and cold feet. Tram footwear designs boots for the stylish woman, urban man and ever playful Canadian kids, who spend their winters tobogganing and playing pond hockey. […]

Summer Footwear for the Whole Family from Crocs

family footwear Crocs

Getting ready for our trip to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, we knew we would need fun, comfortable and professional shoes.  Since airlines have weight limits on suitcases, we knew that we couldn’t fill our bags with multiple pairs of shoes. Crocs came to the rescue with shoes for our whole family! With me […]

Win 3 Pairs of Spring/Summer Shoes from Skechers! #Giveaway {CAN}


Every woman wishes for fun shoes that are functional without having to give up comfort. Skechers offers a huge selection of footwear to suit everyone’s needs. 3 of our top picks for Spring & Summer are the Bobs, GoWalk and Sandals.  These 3 shoes from Skechers are sure to get you through the Spring/Summer season. […]

Girls Spring Time Fashion That Sparkles! ~ Michael Kors #Giveaway

Michael Kors Shoes

Michael Kors My 4 year old daughter Jane loves everything that sparkles or is shiny. She dances around the living room wearing tutus and dress-up shoes. I let her wear the tutus out to her play dates and preschool, but the pretty play shoes need to stay home…imagine her excitement when she got her very […]

5 Things To Consider When Purchasing Shoes For Your Child {Palladium Spring/Summer 2013}


5 things to consider when purchasing shoes for your child Are they easy to put on? I’m all for raising an independent child, but when it comes to waiting for my girls to tie their shoes I sometimes catch myself trying to rush them. The new Palladium shoes we received for Kate solved that problem […]

Jump Into Spring with Bogs Footwear! #CelebrateMom #Giveaway

Bogs Boots Classic Mid Daisy

Being a busy mom on-the-go, I am constantly running to school for pick-up, dropping my youngest off at gymnastics, or sitting at the cold arena for skating lessons.  These parking lots in our town, are not paved.  Which normally isn’t a problem in the coldest of winter and the warmest of summer.  However, because Manitoba […]