RUBIK’s Race

Looking for the perfect retro gift for the holidays?  Look no further!

The RUBIK’s Race® is a blast from the past and promises hours of fun!  The fastest game in town, RUBIK’s Race is a re-introduction of the original ‘80s game inspired by the world’s most popular, yet torturous, hand-held puzzle!

RUBIK’s Race is the ultimate face-to-face game that challenges players to get their brain and fingers racing and go head-to-head with their opponent to match the pattern of nine coloured squares.

RUBIK’s Race is suitable for children ages 5 and up and requires no electricity or batteries – it’s eco-friendly and easy to use!  RUBIK’s Race can be found at toy and game retailers across Canada, including Toys ‘R’ Us.  Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $19.99.