RUBIK’s Race

Looking for the perfect retro gift for the holidays?  Look no further!

The RUBIK’s Race® is a blast from the past and promises hours of fun!  The fastest game in town, RUBIK’s Race is a re-introduction of the original ‘80s game inspired by the world’s most popular, yet torturous, hand-held puzzle!

RUBIK’s Race is the ultimate face-to-face game that challenges players to get their brain and fingers racing and go head-to-head with their opponent to match the pattern of nine coloured squares.

RUBIK’s Race is suitable for children ages 5 and up and requires no electricity or batteries – it’s eco-friendly and easy to use!  RUBIK’s Race can be found at toy and game retailers across Canada, including Toys ‘R’ Us.  Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $19.99.

Uno Roboto

You never know what he’s going to say next!

Start by recording your names and your “House Rule.”  This quirky robot will call on you and your friends throughout the game, with surprising tasks and funny phrases!

But the goal is still the same – be the first to get rid of all your cards!

Also includes classic UNO 108-card deck. For 2-10 players.

Buy from Mattel for $29.99.

Orbo Ball

The Everybody Ball!

A ball full of finger holes that is incredibly easy to catch, captivating to hold and fun to throw.

Shiny, smooth, flexible, durable and virtually indestructible – Oball is the ideal ball in every situation. Amazingly fun, incredibly durable!

Check out Orbo Ball Here.