Ladies Wrap

Ladies WrapLadies Wraps from Funky Fleece
You will get so much use out of this fantastic wrap – you will wonder how you ever did without one! Sits on your shoulders with sides that hang down in front…can be worn down or thrown over a shoulder. Generous fit…that compliments every body type!
Great for casual wear with jeans, for cool evening walks, wrapping up around the campfire, or for cozying up on the couch on a winter’s evening…then dress it right up for an evening on the town! Add a beautiful brooch and it looks stunningly high style! Take it to the office, air conditioning can be cold! Traveling…nothing is better! Airplanes often have cold air blowing right on you, use this to keep warm…can even be used as a blanket! And even in the tropics the evenings can be cool! Squashes down to nothing in your suitcase, doesn’t wrinkle, and best of all…machine wash & dry!
One size fits all
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